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I Found My Purple Crayon

Do you remember Harold and his purple crayon? A little boy who would open the world of his imagination, all with a purple crayon.

When I was young, I loved when we had creative writing assignments. Give me a blob and I could describe a character. Show me some words and I could tell a story.


But, as I grew older, the writing assignments were more serious. And, I didn’t have the proper skills. My children were writing better essays in elementary school than I ever did. I lost the joy in it all.

I tried a mental health chat live stream on Periscope. It was fun but few people came and speaking isn’t my strong point. Then, I found Medium. I wrote a few blog posts and I feel like that kid again.

I am not quite set on writing a blog a day, but I am writing when it strikes me. It is enjoyable!

I used to like to read, too. I am not sure when I stopped reading for pleasure. That will be next.

Reposted From Medium

By Lori Bernstein

I am a mental health paraprofessional with lived experience. I have schizoaffective disorder, bipolar type and social anxiety. I have gone from being reclusive to public speaking.

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