If you don’t like it here, leave?

Whenever I complain about our government on social media, I am told to leave the country. It is tempting although my family, job, house, life, is here in the US. I really don’t want to leave, I just want it to be safe.

Someone, today, said to consider Portugal over Canada, I read briefly on the immigration policy. They have a golden visa if you buy property that could be a possibility and I have relatives in Portugal. I know next to nothing about the country and would have to learn the language

If you have read my posts you know how I fear this country becoming a totalitarian regime. My husband insists it is not as bad as I think. There is chaos on the news but around us there has not been much change. We are essential workers and my children are in college (virtually).

Do I wait it out and hope it is not too late if I need to leave?

By Lori Bernstein

I am a mental health paraprofessional with lived experience. I have schizoaffective disorder, bipolar type and social anxiety. I have gone from being reclusive to public speaking.

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