Instant Pot Coconut Milk Yogurt (so easy)

I told my brother I was making bone broth in a crockpot. The recipe I follow takes 12 hours. He said it is much faster in an Instant Pot. When I told him I don’t have one he ordered one shipped to me. I am very thankful.

I had been planning to make coconut milk yogurt in my yogurt maker, but decided to try it in Instant Pot. There is a yogurt setting with a timer. I don’t know how to adjust temp. I altered this recipe

It is really simple. I used 3 can coconut milk 2 T gelatin and a vegan yogurt starter culture from Cultures for Health. It is single use. I mixed the gelatin in a small bowl with some coconut milk and let sit 3 min before adding to inner bowl with the rest of coconut milk. I added starter and whisked to blend then put on lid, chose yogurt setting, set timer for 24 hours. It started counting up from 0. I just let it go, I opened up early, after 20 hours. It was liquid so I transferred to little glass containers and mixed 1 T chia seeds to each. I placed in fridge and after several hours it thickened. It has a tart taste and is creamy. I don’t know if it really needs the chia seeds but I like them.

Image: 2 containers of coconut milk yogurt with chia seeds

Next I will make beef bone broth. That takes about 3 hours in Instant Pot. It is easy to clean, too. I wiped off inside of lid. My brother told me to wash the silicone ring and dry so I did that, the inner pot is dishwasher safe.

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