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V is for Vote

I was thinking of writing about Valentines Day, but I don’t have much to say. We don’t really celebrate and I know people can feel they are missing out if they are not in a relationship.

I am in the US and we have a variety of Presidential candidates. There were 20 names on my ballot. (Some have dropped out), it is important to vote so our government represents us, Not everyone is able to vote. They can’t miss work, need an id, can’t get to the polls, etc. If you can, vote. Primary dates vary by state, mine is March 3.

They have made it easy in my County. They mailed ballots you can return by mail or drop off. There are a number of voting days if you choose to go to the polls and you can go to any polling place in the county. No id required. I have already voted.

I worry about the integrity of our elections. We have machines that can malfunction, foreign interference, gerrymandering, voter suppression. I thought hand marked ballots were the answer, but that is not accessible to everyone.